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Can I Buy Ambien In Canada Apart from my professional education and jeweler’s license in the Netherlands, I have undergone extensive training at Sotheby’s Education in London, especially in the field of antique jewelery and antique silver. In addition to the formal training, I greatly benefited from mentorships from talented traders, experts and interior designers. I also worked for many years at various auction houses and art dealers in Amsterdam and at a valuation agency in Rotterdam, before joining Fijnaut & Paol Fine Art, later Paol & Co., with husband Erik Paol. fine art. I am the managing director of the company and Erik Paol acts in an advisory capacity. Where necessary, he carries out valuations within his field of Paintings 17th to 20th century. Erik does not take up commercial positions or views that could jeopardize his independence as an appraiser and consultant. As an appraiser and consulant, he is mainly active within the Waardewerk partnership, which he co-founded in 2015, with clients mainly in the public domain. My mission? Create added value for you. You can count on a broad professional knowledge of modern and classic styles and on the international knowledge that fits the requirements of our time. You can also count on the experience and expertise of the trade in art and antiquities, interior design and the purchase and sale of paintings. Do you consider to rely on my years of practical experience? Then you will of course receive time and personal attention that your projects deserves.

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follow link In order to offer you a guarantee of an up-to-date working method, the ISO personal certification applies as a registered broker and appraiser. The company is also subject to the permanent education system of our trade association TMV, the Federation of Appraisers, Brokers and Auctioneers Movable Property. Click on the logo for more information about this trade association.


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