Interior: your partner in style

Considering to change your interior? Or perhaps a renovation?  Ina Bosschers advises and guides you:  whether you are looking for those elegant touches that complete the look of your home, need an ideal way to display your collectibles or are undergoing a complete building overhaul. She coordinates major renovations and refurbishments of historic homes, seamlessly combining the knowledge of styles, antiques, paintings, materials and fabrics  with an understanding of what really moves customers. This makes her an ideal partner for improving your home and personalizing your interior .

Renovation: your dedicated partner

Renovating is an emotionally draining exercise. Your house is disorganized for months, while the reality of family life and work continues. Thousands of important decisions – ranging from the selection of small fittings to the precise placement of walls – need to be made under substantial time pressure. In such a hectic period, having someone who is the rare combination of a personal assistant, a construction coordinator,  intermediary and advisor is indispensable. It can make the difference between a project progressing smoothly and it turning into a frustrating and endless black hole of costs and delays.

Network: added value

We supply various components ranging from metal roofing to fine fabrics through a network of high-quality specialists and suppliers in The Netherlands as well as abroad (specifically the UK). We can provide exclusive fabrics and wallpapers,  including the brands of Jim Thompson, Lelièvre, Tassinari & Chatel, Prelle, Pierre Frey and Donghia.  Ina’s vast network enables the customer to easily compare and choose. Paol & Co. clients enjoy complete freedom of choice; pricing is always transparent and favorable.